Linguistics Festival 2015

Linguistics Society is going to hold the annual Linguistics Festival during March! The theme of this festival is “Cantopopling”. You can explore the relationship between the use of wordings in Cantopop and Linguistics. There are some restrictions of composing Cantopop lyrics that you may not know, but what are they? Interesting topics also include rhyming, rhetoric, code switching and much more!

Linguistics festival is going to show you the relationship between composing lyrics and Linguistics!

Details are as follows:

Academic talk:
Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Au Yeung
Date: 6 March 2015 (Friday)
Time: 17:30-18:30
Venue: CPD-1.21
Content: Dr. Benjamin Au Yeung will analyse and explain the techniques of composing lyrics to you. What would it be like when lyrics does not match the melody of the song? What is the relationship between tone and lyrics? Why is it so difficult to compose the lyrics of Cantopop? What are the proper procedures of composing the lyrics? Don't worry! Dr. Benjamin Au Yeung will explain in details and even try to compose lyrics together with you!

Interested parties please register here:

Board display:
Date: 2-6 March, 16-20 March 2015
Venue: Union Building
Content: Are you interested in listening to Cantopop? If yes, have you ever paid attention to the lyrics? Our display board will show you the relationship between composing lyrics and Linguistics. Do Linguistics deepen our insights in Cantopop or vice versa?
You will also get a copy of our annual publication!

Annual publication:
Content: What is the relationship between Cantopop and Linguistics? We have prepared a series of short articles about tone and lyrics, wordings of Cantopop used in different eras, rhythm and syntax, rhyming, code switching and much more! Don't miss the chance!

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Bazaar 2015

Linguistics Society invites you to our “Fantasia” Bazaar!

There will be stationery, accessories and much more! Seasonal gifts will also be available during the week before Valentine’s Day! Don’t miss the chance and come visit our Bazaar where you will find a wonderfulselection of products.
See you there!
Details of our Bazaar are as follows:
Period: 19/1/2015-23/1/2015, 26/1/2015-30/1/2015
Venue: Run Run Shaw Podium

Period: 2/2/2015-6/2/2015, 9/2/2015-13/2/2015
Venue: Area outside Jockey Club Tower G/F, Centennial Campus

Opening hours: 11:00-18:30

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Inauguration Ceremony 2014

The Inauguration Ceremony of Linguistics Society, AAHKUSU, Session 2014-2015 was successfully held on the 21th November, 2014. Thank you to everyone who participated in this special event, as well as those who helped out behind the scenes for this event.

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